Not Just Numbers

ARISE is committed to using reliable, local data for Anchorage students. We apply thoughtful analysis to the data we have in order to find solutions to entrenched, systemic challenges for Alaska Native education. Our data work group helps us do this. But we know students aren’t just test scores, and that data isn’t available on many important parts of their lives. By carefully tracking existing data, our community can discover more about all that we don’t know about student experiences and the factors that support or undermine Alaska Native students’ success.

When the members of the ARISE leadership council developed our common agenda, we carefully selected three focus areas — academics, social and emotional well-being, and culture. The group then chose 12 outcomes for ARISE to work on affecting, and indicators for each outcome so we can track our progress.

These outcomes are measurable, important aspects of young peoples’ education and development, and our choices are based on data that is readily available. We also recognize Alaska Native and American Indian people have often been studied invasively, and we seek to “do no harm” to the community with this data. Our goal is to develop new solutions and research and policy agendas to address what we learn.

Photo courtesy of CITC