ARISE has a small staff and a big mission. The partnership’s work takes place at many different levels in Anchorage, throughout a strong network of engagement. There are opportunities for participation throughout this partnership — for parents, families, educators, students, business, funders and organizations.


ARISE’s executive-level guiding body identifies strategic issues to address to sustain progress and recommends action to ARISE staff.

Community engagement groups

Parents and caregivers of Alaska Native students meet to share their experiences, expand expertise and perspectives around ARISE outcomes, and contribute to strategy development for our shared goals.

Strategic action teams (SAT)

Where the sled runner meets the trail. SAT members develop an action plan to improve a particular ARISE outcome, and commit one year to implementing the plan to achieve measurable improvement.


Community members who are publicly committed to support and advocate for the work of ARISE.

Work Groups

Work groups provide specific support to the leadership council and strategic action teams. They form around specific topics and partnership needs such as data, development, and communications.