KPrep-Sorts, Classifies and Organizes Objects

The ARISE Strategic Action Team of parents and partners created this page to share activities and information about kindergarten preparedness. Preparing for kindergarten starts long before the autumn a child enters a classroom for the first day of school. Everyday interactions with young children help develop their abilities and skills – and are a lot of fun too!

Each theme focuses on a different goal in the Alaska Developmental Profile (ADP). This assessment is based on the Alaska Early Learning Guidelines and is the measure ARISE tracks to see how prepared Alaska Native and Native American students are when they arrive at school for that exciting first day. Follow ARISE on Facebook for posts on each month’s topic.

June theme: Sorts, Classifies and Organizes Objects

“Sorts, classifies and organizes objects” falls under the Cognition and General Knowledge domain on the ADP. A child practicing these skills is working on developing their ability to think about and use mathematical concepts. As they grow, children are able to do this in more complex ways – going from sorting simple shapes to sorting them by color and shape, for example. Indicators teachers look for when assessing students in this area are:

  • Sorts objects into categories, classifying and comparing according to a characteristic (e.g. size, color)
  • Recognizes, describes, duplicates and extends a two-part pattern (e.g. A/B, circle/square)
  • Describes how and why objects are arranged or sorted the way they are.

There are many wonderful ways to develop these abilities with young children. Check out the Learning Links to find out more about why this matters and how to practice.

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Wednesday, 6/9/2018,
Countdown to Kindergarten @ Loussac Library. Fun activities for children age 3-5, and their parents or caregivers. Bus routes 25.

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